What’s on stage

This has been an astonishing year for the Theatre, opened after 8 years of silence.

The first season was eminent thank to the presence of many nationally and internationally renowned artists.

The re-opening of the Theatre has been celebrated with the “Luigi Cherubini Youngs Orchestra” concert, conducted by Riccardo Muti, on December 10th.

A rich list of sold out performances, starting from the aforementioned debut, then with the prose theatre performances scheduled:in December 2014, “Il fuMattia Pascal” (The Late Mattia Pascal), written by Pirandello anddirected by Tato Russo; “Il mondo non mi devenulla” written by Massimo Carlotto and performed by Pamela Villoresi andby Claudio Casadia; in early 2015, “Pensoche un sognocosì…”, the show in memory of the Italian singer Domenico Modugno, directed by GiampieroSolari and performed by Beppe Fiorello; until“Sogno di unanotte di mezzasbornia” directed by Armando Pugliese andperformed byLuca De Filippo.

In February, the Theatre General Manager, Michele Placido, together with his acting company, has charmed the Theatre audience with his “Re Lear”, followed byanother Shakespearean masterpiece, “Romeo e Giulietta”, newly interpreted by the multifaceted acting company “Factory CompagniaTransadriatica”

During the first season of the so renovated Theatre, many other classics have been performed. Starting with“L’onorevole” written by the famous Italian author Leonardo Sciascia, and directed and performed by Enzo Vetrano andStefano Randisi; then “L’avaro” written by Molière and translated, adapted and directed byValeria Cavalliperformed by Pietro De Pascalis, Jacopo Fracasso and Cristina Liparotto.

Numerous unexpected shows were performed during the first season. Starting from “Servo per due – One man, two guvnors”, based on Goldoni's “Servant for Two Masters”, performed by PierfrancescoFavino in early March,until “Personaggi” written and directed by the famous Italian artist Antonio Albanese, on stage in early spring.

The first theater prose season ends with two moreunmissable performances. The first one is "The mysterious disappearance of W", written by Stefano Benni and performed by AmbraAngiolini, on March27 and 28. The second one is "Fable, once upon a time there was a little girl, and I say “was” because there is no more", on 14 and 15 April, written, directed and performed by one of the contemporary Italian dramaturgy protagonists: Filippo Timi.

The Umberto Giordano Theatre invites you to join the 2015/2016 season and greets the audience with a special goodbye: an international star concert, like Richard Galliano, accompanied by the New Musette Quartet, on April 19.

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