L'amico del cuore

Thursday April 23rd 2015 hour 21:00

L'amico del cuore è la classica commedia degli equivoci dove ogni personaggio si veste di un ruolo per nascondere la propria natura più profonda.

Fairy tail – once upon a time there was a girl, and I say there was, because she is no more

Tuesday April 14th 2015 hour 21:00 and Wednesday April 15th 2015 hour 21:00

A cheese American home in fifty’s hosts two housewives tweeting their fake happiness

La misteriosa scomparsa di W

Friday March 27th 2015 hour 21:00 and Saturday March 28th 2015 hour 21:00

A mysterious woman named V, borne in an amazing world and in that moment all her relatives...

Romeo and Juliet

Tuesday February 17th 2015 hour 21:00 and Wednesday February 18th 2015 hour 21:00

Romeo and Juliet means how much parents really love their children and how much they can understand them