One man, two guvnors

Saturday February 28th 2015 hour 21:00 and Sunday March 1st 2015 hour 21:00

During thirty’s, in Rimini, Pippo, a modern Harlequin, loses his job and remains downhearted and with no money


Saturday February 14th 2015 hour 21:00 and Sunday February 15th 2015 hour 21:00

What have in common thousand characters played by Antonio Albanese? Humanity

King Lear

Tuesday February 10th 2015 hour 21:00, Wednesday February 11th 2015 hour 21:00 and Thursday February 12th 2015 hour 21:00

King Lear explores human nature, love, responsibilities, power and loss, goodness and evilness

Sogno di una notte di mezza sbornia

Saturday January 31st 2015 hour 21:00 and Sunday February 1st 2015 hour 21:00

Eduardo changes the ancient tradition of Napolitanean Theatre